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Adina Cicort is a contemporary artist and designer living in Dallas, Texas. Born in Bucharest, Europe's Little Paris. Multicultural, speaker of English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Romanian. Holds a Bachelor in Marketing from the University of Economic Sciences in Bucharest. Yet, coming from a family of talented artisans and craftsmen, she was immersed in art and culture at a very early age. Adina was the youngest luxury hospitality woman entrepreneurs in Romania. Moved to United States at the age of 26 in pursuit of her passion for art and design. Noted for her abstract expressionist artwork, photography and creative work including branding, design, writing and publishing, with multiple public speaking and media appearances.


"My paintings and artistic photography are about capturing, abstracting and expressing through light and color, the energy of a moment, thought, place or person." “When creating am totally connected to the Source… I believe that’s where we’re all coming from. It’s a place of unconditional Love. My favorite subject is the bridge between consciousness and love. Love as the basis of all conscious or unconscious actions. Love as the most powerful, transformational and spiritual experience. I am abstracting emotion and thought into color and textured structure. The ultimate goal is to inspire viewers to connect their mind with their heart.“


Adina Cicort's work in the design field includes all aspects of branding- graphic design, web design and product design. Visit And luxury residential and hospitality design services and products. Focusing on creating products for interior design. Connected worldwide with celebrities, diplomats, entrepreneurs, artists, designers and hospitality design industry leaders. Associated with Storgio Ventura Inc. and renown master furniture craftsman Storgio Trejo in the business of artisan custom furniture. Serving the interior design market in the United States and Central and South America.

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