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Artist Statement

Since early beginnings, my art is a reflection on the nature of the universe and the origin of human soul. My works are visual metaphors about self-identity, freedom of expression, memories from a distant past or a glimpse into the future. Each piece is an invitation to travel beyond structure, time and space.

Often bringing to light sacred geometry and ancient subjects and symbols, am creating a space for thought and emotion.

Currently, am focusing my work on the relation between the subconscious mind and love, as source of all emotions; and on advocating the raising of the sovereign and sacred feminine consciousness.

“Perfect Beauty” Series 2016 emphasizes the idea of artificial beauty and perfection imposed by the media and society over young women and its effects on a psychological level.

“The Holographic Memory of Walls” Series 2016 – is about the holographic nature of the universe and the energetic imprint we leave in the weave of space and time.

“Native Women of The World” Series 2016– A series of small works, reminding of old religious iconography, in a mixed media technique, portraying native women of all ages from various parts of the world.

 “Women Nudes” Series 2016 Abstract figurative aspects of woman’s body expressing sensuality, self acceptance, and love.