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Jackson Pollock Style Abstract Landscape

The Influx of Light in Fine Art throughout the Centuries

The Influx of light in fine art throughout THE centuries and how it’S changING the world

I’ve always been very sensitive to light and energy in general. Since early childhood, I could feel the energetic vibration of people, animals, places or things. This intuition or sixth sense never failed me, nor left me. Quite by contrary, it is normal for me to have and be aware of my 6th sense. And have use it as a my most trustful guide pretty much all my life.

Today I had a conversation about how my abstract artwork translates into color, therefore light, therefore energy and in other words, transforms the space and the people who come in contact with it.

Now am consciously taking part in creating more light and indirectly bringing more information to the world, as a co-creator. (We’re all co-creators, just some of us don’t acknowledge it yet.)

While talking about how the light works via the art process and experience, I’ve remembered about my experience visiting traditional art museums. Have practically been almost half around the world, and each time when am visiting the 14th up to 18th centuries fine art sections, I’m not feeling well.

My first such experiences have been traumatizing since we didn’t know why am suddenly feeling like fainting, experience discomfort, shortness of breath and body aches. It felt like I’m surrounded by vampires feeding on my energy. My ancestors are from Transylvania, so I have an idea about how that would be 🙂 Just kidding 🙂

I would start feeling better after leaving these sections. After several such experiences in different parts of the world I understood it’s all about the “lack of light” and the energy radiating from those times. Surely if you’re more sensitive in nature you can feel the “dark”- the struggle and the pain.

The one thing the fine art produced between the 14th up to the 18th century has in common, is more or less, the absence of light. And light comes from love, but that’s another subject altogether.

We slowly start seeing more light in the paintings starting with the 19th century and culminating in the 20th, when the world of art took a step even further, with the emergence of abstract art – which in my opinion is the ultimate manifestation of human expression. Total freedom of self-expression.

The more light we are given or exposed to, from a place of love, the more and the faster the world is changing. Light attracts light. Its power grows exponentially. The more you embrace the light every day in your life, the happier, peaceful and balanced you become and so the world around you changes.

Lastly, you become It.

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